The Attraction of Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are basically vehicles with crane arms and enclosed bucket like platforms attached to them. Sometimes called cherry pickers, bucket trucks are most commonly utilized to reach power lines by electrical personnel and will offer a litany of benefits, these including the following:

  • Bucket trucks are primary purposed to provide elevation; the crane arm they are equipped with is designed to raise the bucket to greater heights, with the bucket typically housing an individual intent upon executing some task at higher places. Bucket trucks are not uncommon in emergency situations.
  • Bucket trucks, despite the precarious nature of their purpose, promise safety; with waist high walls capable of securing an adult male, the bucket also provides handholds and safety lines, which inject stability into one’s operations.
  • Bucket trucks are pretty easy to operate, despite common assumptions; the vehicles utilize two simple control mechanisms, present both in the cab of the truck and in the basket, allowing individuals to raise and lower themselves as required.
  • Bucket trucks, besides providing a means of reaching elevated targets, also avail storage areas for equipment, making them that much more convenient to utilize.


It is true that bucket trucks provide a wide variety of advantages, especially in the construction and electrical fields; after all, there are situations where ladders are simply not optimal.

That being said, bucket trucks can prove to be dangerous if not utilized properly, and it is important to take the proper considerations into account to prevent disasters.

Most common among those risks involved with bucket trucks is the possibility of the truck tipping over; after all raising the bucket will bring about a change in the center of gravity, which makes falling a real issue.

This problem is often countered by simply making certain that the weight limit isn’t exceeded; one can often recognize the signs of danger, especially when the truck begins to shift with the raising of the bucket.

It is also important to avoid raising the bucket in strong winds. Visit our friends at Central Truck Sales to learn more about bucket trucks or to purchase one for your company!