Great Information About Service Trucks

Service Truck International also abbreviated as STI are worldwide famous manufacturers of the fabulous Eagle Pro Crane, offering of service and experts in lube field types of service vehicles. All customers are to be sure of durability, quality and detail when it comes to every Eagle Pro body since they are physically handcrafted. High attention levels are always observed throughout these processes. Normally, they offer bodies that fit up to eleven thousand GVW, double rear wheels and a huge chassis.

To make fieldwork service a success, eagle pro bodies are offered in a variety of configuration and sizes to meet with all requirements. They offer a long list of some excellent standard features that entail All types of galvanic steel types in construction, some single panel doors, steel chip guards that are stainless, steel door hinges also stainless, exterior fasteners and some door checks. They also have three point door locks that have polished stainless door handles made of steel.

Lastly yet important is a PPG delfleet type of polyurethane paint and a full undercoating. Eagle pro bodies are determined to give its customers the highest level of value that cannot be equaled to anything else short of excellence.

Service Truck International, since 1985, embraced it to be their culture in designing of highest quality service truck bodies. It has a wholly type of organization owned by a division of Sioux Automation. It’s known to be located in Sioux Centre. They are widely known for manufacturing under the management of Tiger Crane as their brand name. Not only do they design telescopic service trucks but also deal in first class eagle pro bodies types. STI carry out marketing of products by means of both distributor and direct channels. They are updated in technology hence are focused on impressing their customers ranging from gas and oil industry, agricultural equipment, road construction, federal and state governments. Click here if you are looking for service trucks.