Find a Knuckleboom Truck

A knuckleboom truck plays a very essential role in the construction and industrial fields of the economy. They are useful in lifting and transportation. They are cheap to maintain, can do a variety of jobs and perform very well. If you are interested in purchasing or hiring one, you may want to check this out.

The Peterbilt 335 knuckleboom truck is a reliable truck that runs on diesel. It weighs 16 800 pounds. It costs $59 500 and the mileage is 140 023 kilometres. The engine is CAT and it has a horsepower of 250. It has a 6 speed transmission driven with a power steering. It has air brakes with aluminum wheels and the tyres are 11R22.5 variety. It is a single axel truck as many Knuckleboom trucks are. The radio is remote controlled. The truck has air conditioning and the exterior colour is red. It has 2 pull outriggers and has 14 inch flat steel bed. You can get more information when you click here.

The GMC C7500 knuckleboom truck costs $59 500. Its mileage is 111, 505 miles. The engine is Duramaxx with 250 horsepower. It has a 7 speed transmission with air brakes and is powered by diesel. It has a 20 inch wood flat bed with 42 inch stake sides. Outriggers are manual and it has a single axle. It has an auto crane Knuckleboom. It is available in white colour. Read more about this and other trucks of that brand.

When you go online, you will stumble into different varieties of Freightliner Knuckleboom trucks. But the Freightliner FL 120 has a mileage of 266, 560 miles. It uses up to 60 to 140 litres of diesel fuel. It has 515 horsepower. It costs $99 500. The axles are tandem. The exterior colour is Yellow. It has air conditioning. It has 4 outriggers with continuous rotation. It has aluminum wheels. You can read more about these Knuckleboom trucks on Truck ‘N’ Trailer magazine for more specifications and technical terms. By reading and going online, you will have a proper buying guide for either purchasing or hiring one.

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