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Find a Knuckleboom Truck

A knuckleboom truck plays a very essential role in the construction and industrial fields of the economy. They are useful in lifting and transportation. They are cheap to maintain, can do a variety of jobs and perform very well. If you are interested in purchasing or hiring one, you may want to check this out.

The Peterbilt 335 knuckleboom truck is a reliable truck that runs on diesel. It weighs 16 800 pounds. It costs $59 500 and the mileage is 140 023 kilometres. The engine is CAT and it has a horsepower of 250. It has a 6 speed transmission driven with a power steering. It has air brakes with aluminum wheels and the tyres are 11R22.5 variety. It is a single axel truck as many Knuckleboom trucks are. The radio is remote controlled. The truck has air conditioning and the exterior colour is red. It has 2 pull outriggers and has 14 inch flat steel bed. You can get more information when you click here.

The GMC C7500 knuckleboom truck costs $59 500. Its mileage is 111, 505 miles. The engine is Duramaxx with 250 horsepower. It has a 7 speed transmission with air brakes and is powered by diesel. It has a 20 inch wood flat bed with 42 inch stake sides. Outriggers are manual and it has a single axle. It has an auto crane Knuckleboom. It is available in white colour. Read more about this and other trucks of that brand.

When you go online, you will stumble into different varieties of Freightliner Knuckleboom trucks. But the Freightliner FL 120 has a mileage of 266, 560 miles. It uses up to 60 to 140 litres of diesel fuel. It has 515 horsepower. It costs $99 500. The axles are tandem. The exterior colour is Yellow. It has air conditioning. It has 4 outriggers with continuous rotation. It has aluminum wheels. You can read more about these Knuckleboom trucks on Truck ‘N’ Trailer magazine for more specifications and technical terms. By reading and going online, you will have a proper buying guide for either purchasing or hiring one.

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Use Vacuum Trucks for All Your Excavation Needs

Vacuum trucks can be described best as trucks that come with a heavy duty vacuum unit. These trucks are primarily designed for excavation purposes of both liquid and solid waste materials. The vacuum unit in these trucks is used for securely holding the waste materials from their point of collection to their disposal point. These trucks are mainly used for street clean ups, contaminated soil clean up and cleaning sewer systems. Click here to learn more about other uses of vacuum trucks.

For vacuum trucks to be of great use for excavation purposes, it’s important that they should be maintained in their best working conditions. This is so that their performance and efficiency can be maintained at their best levels. Regular maintenance of the trucks helps in detecting mechanical problems whether in the trucks or in their vacuum units. This helps in fixing the problems within the earliest instance possible before the problems escalate to more complex problems that may end up grounding the trucks.

When operating a vacuum truck, you should place great emphasis on safety. This is because if the trucks are poorly handled, they can inflict serious injuries that can at times be life threatening. This is especially in the vacuum truck where very high pressure is used. Another very important safety precaution to be observed is that the waste materials to be disposed off should be sorted out before being placed in the vacuum unit. Reactive materials such as asbestos should be handled carefully using the necessary equipments. This is because such materials emit life threatening radiations that can cause terminal illnesses such as cancers. In addition to this, vacuum truck operators should wear the right safety gear when at work. Visit this site for more information on the safety measures that should be observed when operating these trucks.

When searching for the best vacuum truck to rent or purchase, there are a number of factors that should be considered. Firstly, you should consider the estimated volume of waste that you intend to use the truck to dispose. Secondly, you should inspect the condition of the truck of choice. For a vacuum truck to be of great use to you, it’s should be well maintained and serviced. Go online to learn more about what to look for in the best vacuum truck.


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Find Success With Online Heavy Equipment Auctions!

Disposing used but still good condition construction vehicles online has become one of the fast growing trading in the internet over the past several years. Most items can easily find it ways to the right prospects as this type of market has a broader reach of potential buyers who are waiting to bid for new goods available. However, in order to find success with this type of heavy equipment auctions it is important for sellers to remember some of these helpful points illustrated below:

Know the Format

There are two available formats to choose from: internet-only and combination. The most common example of internet-only format is “e-bay”. Typically, items are sold through the traders’ website with detailed description, images and other important information. Buyers then can place his bid within the specified time frame and will get and pay the goods when declared a winner. One big advantage regarding this format is that seller will not incur cost for transporting the vehicle to the auction house.

On the other hand is an increasingly popular format which is the combination of traditional live on-site and live web streaming heavy equipment auctions. This means that all the items are set up at the location and at the same time they are broadcast online. So prospect and potential buyers can register and qualify to bid even on his desk computer. This type of format provides impulse and excitement as there is a wide expanse of both on-site and online buyers.

Make Good Presentation

Good presentation always conveys prospects. For any heavy equipment auctions online, searchers always refer to pictures or video of the vehicle as they wanted to make sure that they are bidding the right type of equipment. It will leverage sales if owner gave detailed and clean presentations. It is recommended to fix those small things and not hide those flaws as this will damage the future sales credibility. For non-live auctions, it is recommended to posts as many pictures as possible to show the entire vehicle.

No-reserve Policy

This particular web selling policy is growing in popularity offering owners either risk or reward. The method can execute gain when fair market value is achieved, but highly risky as the sales price can dramatically vary every day. By not setting the price, the owner should be prepared to sell the goods less than that he expected.

Research Market Trends

Prior to enlisting, it is important for owners to research the market trends. One of the most common pitfalls of owners is that they only research for equipment being sold, and then post their items with it. In order to achieve a good ballpark prediction, it is important to research the past sales of that particular line of vehicle as this will give a good clue of the best timing that the item is going to sell.

Finding Reputable Services

There are gazillions of online dealers nowadays and it is easier to get trap with someone who is not a good player in the market. It is important that owners should do his homework in finding the reputable heavy equipment auction service. Find a dealer that will satisfy your comfort level and then try to understand their terms and conditions. It is also helpful to check the store’s reputation, experience and try to dig down their record in the market.

Finally, finding success with heavy equipment auctions requires owners to do some thorough thinking and getting familiar with the online market. By placing those machineries in good traders, it will be easier to convert those assets into cash by which can be used for investing to other business opportunities.

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Cleaning Septic Trucks is a crucial Necessity!

For those people who work with septic trucks and are usually involved in their day-to-day procedure, it is essential to know and understand that your device really should be constantly maintained to accomplish its projects easily and properly.Our friends at Septic Truck Sales know a lot of how to clean septic trucks, check them out!

Even though this scenario is unusual or looks as if it impossible to happen, it will be possible for any septic vehicle to stop operating in the course of a task. This could take place should the equipment is improperly handled on a regular basis.

It is critical that inside of septic trucks will be cleaned up right after off loading. Solid materials remaining in the floor won’t get harder to clear out, it will start to take container space which might affect the capacity to entirely push out a septic system. If it is noticed that a truck tank has been filling to volume and storing a lesser amount of pumped material, it is a good indication that you’ve got a level of debris at the base that must be appropriately cleared.

The inside is dispersed with water plus disinfectants anywhere relevant, eliminating any debris on the bottom. If there’s debris that may be tricky to get rid of, a tool referred to as a vibrator can be placed on vibrate the tank, loosening the inside levels of solid materials.

The process of cleaning up a septic tank takes a skilled operator.. After this operation is complete, the waste products is left at an accredited junk water facility per the laws of the Epa.

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How Vacuum Trucks Help Unearth the Ground

Among the many complications experienced in the phone, electrical, water, and gasoline markets may be the subterranean excavating process for the installation of poles, piping, wires and also other such energy system components. This creates fiascos to the movement of traffic, the generating of abnormal racket, hassle that repairs are required, and issues in keeping existing construction. This issue just seems to grow when actually everything needs to be done can be a a little bit of digging by using an advanced machine.

Digging in the earth is usually very labor-intensive as well as a long procedure; being able to use an attachment to an already-existing vehicle would definitely certainly be a great improvement. With the ongoing continuing development of the vacuum truck, its solutions may then be used for these type of precise digging job as well as all kinds of other day-to-day routines including suctioning.

This machine is not hard to put together and, together with the aid of contemporary pneumatically-driven tools in addition to the truck, will be able to quickly dig with no hazard of destroying the sub-surface utility products. It works with a strong water jet and vacuum system having a suction pipe to break up the soil and remove loosened material through the ground. This sort of unearthing strategy is the simplest way to properly find subterranean energy products and prevent unintended harm to buried resources.

Usually, there are two sorts of excavation processes, hydro or pressure. Generally speaking, these operations use either water jets to break up and release soil and vacuum the effect into the tank. The procedure starts simply by using a condensed air lance to crush or breakup the soil as opposed to by using a standard pick and shovel. When the dirt has been loosened, the earth that has been dug up is going to be suctioned and taken out with the suction tube and in the vacuum truck system. The effect could be more exact and correct holes when compared to a mechanical excavator for instance like backhoe or even more laborious process of manual excavation.

Practically every day, companies by a variety of municipalities across the U . S . excavate the sub-surface of this earth to put in underground facilities and to identify active piping lines, telephone, and electric underground lines for maintenance and repair. This procedure was once tiresome, time-consuming, and risky for a lot of causes. To solve these issues, excavation with the use of a vacuum truck was made and has shown to be safer and faster than the former manual digging methods! We get a lot a great info from our sponsors at Vacuum Truck Sales! If you are looking for a truck to buy, or need more information check those guys out.

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Freightliner Cascadia 113 Added to Fleets

The Freightliner Cascadia 113 is a natural gas powered tractor that is being tested in Texas. These tractors will be evaluated for performance and possibly ship to other fleets.

Have you driven a natural gas powered tractor or other utility truck? Did you think it performed any better or worse than conventional trucks?

I bet our sponsors, Septic Trucks, have seen these trucks before

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