Buying a Used Service Truck

A service truck is sort of a mini truck with with 2-4 seats in the front and the rest of the vehicle is made into many types of variants that include cable reel, cranes, pick up truck or digger. There are many ways service trucks are used as bucket/boom derrick, landscaping truck, mechanics truck etc. Based on their application service trucks can be divided into three basic types light, medium and heavy duty trucks.

They are also classified according to numerical classes where 1-3 refer to light duty trucks, 4-6 to medium duty truck and 7-8 to heavy duty trucks. These trucks can also be classified based on the fuel they use popular varieties include diesel and gasoline but other varieties are also available such as hybrid, flex fuel, bio diesel and natural gas. From 4×2 to 8×4 all types of trucks are available online. Go online to look for your truck type.

Buying a used service truck is very easy these days one can easily get a truck by just applying online. You can find almost all types of used service trucks from all sorts of truck brands. according to your need you can pick from any of the US brands like Chevrolet, Ford or even go for international brands. Click here to get to one such online store that not only provides various used service trucks but also provides spares, repairs, insurance and finance for your service truck.

Tips to keep in mind before buying a used service truck:

If this is your first service truck and you don’t want to end up with a junk truck then visit this website to know all you need to know about a service truck and its specifications.

I will highlight some of the key points that you need to know before you buy any used truck.

Do remember to check the distance that the vehicle has traveled throughout its entire run.

Year of make :
You must always know when the vehicle was manufactured and when the seller purchased it. Along with that you must also know for sure whether the seller had purchased it in the new condition or used condition.

Always be sure about the condition of the truck you are buying.

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