An Overview of Jobs Knuckle Boom Trucks

A knuckleboom truck serves as a mulch-functional piece of heavy duty equipment. The truck is characteristic of a design which features an articulated boom fitted at the base. Interesting thing is, the end of the boom is usually subject to modifications to suit the task at hand. Generally, these trucks are able to handle different tasks it all depends on the attachment that is fitted at any given moment.

Below is an overview of some of the jobs which these trucks can handle. They include:

  • Excavation: These trucks are able perform the work of a modern excavator once configured to do so. All that is required is attaching of a general purpose bucket designed to dig through and break the ground surface.
  • Drilling of holes: these trucks can also be easily modified into very powerful machines that are able to drill holes. This task however, requires an auger drill which is attached at the end of the boom in order to serve the same purpose as a derrick. When configured properly, the truck can even further be moved around which in turn enhances productivity as well as work efficiency.
  • Lifting, hauling as well as the transfer of fairly heavy materials: this truck can also be configured to have the capacity to help lift, haul as well as assist in transferring heavy materials. Thanks to modern technological advancements, this truck can be configured to act as a standard crane meaning it can be used to load and unload heavy cargo off transport vehicle. The trucks are equally subject to being fitted with outriggers which in turn helps them maintain proper balance in the process of moving stuff from one point to the next.

In addition to the above, knuckleboom trucks can also be used in forest work in helping harvest and cut trees into different lengths and sizes.