Find a Knuckleboom Truck

A knuckleboom truck plays a very essential role in the construction and industrial fields of the economy. They are useful in lifting and transportation. They are cheap to maintain, can do a variety of jobs and perform very well. If you are interested in purchasing or hiring one, you may want to check this out.

The Peterbilt 335 knuckleboom truck is a reliable truck that runs on diesel. It weighs 16 800 pounds. It costs $59 500 and the mileage is 140 023 kilometres. The engine is CAT and it has a horsepower of 250. It has a 6 speed transmission driven with a power steering. It has air brakes with aluminum wheels and the tyres are 11R22.5 variety. It is a single axel truck as many Knuckleboom trucks are. The radio is remote controlled. The truck has air conditioning and the exterior colour is red. It has 2 pull outriggers and has 14 inch flat steel bed. You can get more information when you click here.

The GMC C7500 knuckleboom truck costs $59 500. Its mileage is 111, 505 miles. The engine is Duramaxx with 250 horsepower. It has a 7 speed transmission with air brakes and is powered by diesel. It has a 20 inch wood flat bed with 42 inch stake sides. Outriggers are manual and it has a single axle. It has an auto crane Knuckleboom. It is available in white colour. Read more about this and other trucks of that brand.

When you go online, you will stumble into different varieties of Freightliner Knuckleboom trucks. But the Freightliner FL 120 has a mileage of 266, 560 miles. It uses up to 60 to 140 litres of diesel fuel. It has 515 horsepower. It costs $99 500. The axles are tandem. The exterior colour is Yellow. It has air conditioning. It has 4 outriggers with continuous rotation. It has aluminum wheels. You can read more about these Knuckleboom trucks on Truck ‘N’ Trailer magazine for more specifications and technical terms. By reading and going online, you will have a proper buying guide for either purchasing or hiring one.

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An Overview of Jobs Knuckle Boom Trucks

A knuckleboom truck serves as a mulch-functional piece of heavy duty equipment. The truck is characteristic of a design which features an articulated boom fitted at the base. Interesting thing is, the end of the boom is usually subject to modifications to suit the task at hand. Generally, these trucks are able to handle different tasks it all depends on the attachment that is fitted at any given moment.

Below is an overview of some of the jobs which these trucks can handle. They include:

  • Excavation: These trucks are able perform the work of a modern excavator once configured to do so. All that is required is attaching of a general purpose bucket designed to dig through and break the ground surface.
  • Drilling of holes: these trucks can also be easily modified into very powerful machines that are able to drill holes. This task however, requires an auger drill which is attached at the end of the boom in order to serve the same purpose as a derrick. When configured properly, the truck can even further be moved around which in turn enhances productivity as well as work efficiency.
  • Lifting, hauling as well as the transfer of fairly heavy materials: this truck can also be configured to have the capacity to help lift, haul as well as assist in transferring heavy materials. Thanks to modern technological advancements, this truck can be configured to act as a standard crane meaning it can be used to load and unload heavy cargo off transport vehicle. The trucks are equally subject to being fitted with outriggers which in turn helps them maintain proper balance in the process of moving stuff from one point to the next.

In addition to the above, knuckleboom trucks can also be used in forest work in helping harvest and cut trees into different lengths and sizes.

Use Vacuum Trucks for All Your Excavation Needs

Vacuum trucks can be described best as trucks that come with a heavy duty vacuum unit. These trucks are primarily designed for excavation purposes of both liquid and solid waste materials. The vacuum unit in these trucks is used for securely holding the waste materials from their point of collection to their disposal point. These trucks are mainly used for street clean ups, contaminated soil clean up and cleaning sewer systems. Click here to learn more about other uses of vacuum trucks.

For vacuum trucks to be of great use for excavation purposes, it’s important that they should be maintained in their best working conditions. This is so that their performance and efficiency can be maintained at their best levels. Regular maintenance of the trucks helps in detecting mechanical problems whether in the trucks or in their vacuum units. This helps in fixing the problems within the earliest instance possible before the problems escalate to more complex problems that may end up grounding the trucks.

When operating a vacuum truck, you should place great emphasis on safety. This is because if the trucks are poorly handled, they can inflict serious injuries that can at times be life threatening. This is especially in the vacuum truck where very high pressure is used. Another very important safety precaution to be observed is that the waste materials to be disposed off should be sorted out before being placed in the vacuum unit. Reactive materials such as asbestos should be handled carefully using the necessary equipments. This is because such materials emit life threatening radiations that can cause terminal illnesses such as cancers. In addition to this, vacuum truck operators should wear the right safety gear when at work. Visit this site for more information on the safety measures that should be observed when operating these trucks.

When searching for the best vacuum truck to rent or purchase, there are a number of factors that should be considered. Firstly, you should consider the estimated volume of waste that you intend to use the truck to dispose. Secondly, you should inspect the condition of the truck of choice. For a vacuum truck to be of great use to you, it’s should be well maintained and serviced. Go online to learn more about what to look for in the best vacuum truck.


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Flatbed Service Trucks Can Offer Tons of Help

If you are interested in finding flatbed service trucks, then there is no better place to search than the Internet. Specialized companies provide a wide range of trucks, meeting your every need with just a few clicks on the mouse. You can go online at All Trucks USA and discover specialized trucks for cargo or freight transportation. Keep in mind that a flatbed had a maximum weight and you will have to think whether it is enough for your cargo or not. Apart from that, you should check out the other dimensions, such as the length, width or height.

One of the biggest advantages that the Internet has to offer is related to the diversity of products. You can click here and discover in an instant the most incredible array of flatbed service trucks. These trucks are often used for commercial purposes and they have a different bed length, according to the needs of the buyer. You can also shop for these trucks according to their manufacturer; online, you can find trucks from Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge. However, these are just three examples of the many that could be given.

Once you visit this website, be sure to take a look at all the flatbed service trucks they have available. Don’t be quick to choose the first truck that comes across your eyes; it is for the best that you first compare what each truck has to offer and then take a final decision. Think about the length of the flatbed, the condition of the truck in general and your budget. Also, remember that you can shop for these trucks according to their class. There are heavy, medium and light duty trucks you can choose from. If you are satisfied with the price, then you should not hesitate to make an offer and see what the next available step is.

Fast and Safe Fuel and Lube Trucks

The use of fuel and lube trucks has always been a necessity because it allows users of fuel and lube to move their products from the selling point to the usage point in a very short period of time. Business people and domestic consumers need fuel and lube trucks alike. One of the basic requirements that these business people and consumers need to consider when choosing the kind of fuel and lube trucks to transport their lube and fuel is the speed of the truck.

Fuel and lube trucks should therefore be designed by manufacturers in such a way that they can move faster according to the needs of the customers. You can go online to find fast fuel and lube trucks. To get fast moving Fuel and lube trucks at favorable prices you may “click here”. Our Fuel and lube trucks also carry a large amount of fuel so that the customers do not need to go several trips and waste a lot of money transporting their fuel. Visit this website for such large-capacity fuel and lube trucks so that you can always be able to carry your products on large scale and reduce your cost of transport.

You can also trust our fuel and lube trucks for effective and efficient transport. The fuel and lube trucks that we sell in our stores provide effective and efficient transport because they are of high quality and low failure rates. When you go online you will find our fuel and lube trucks and you can choose from wide varieties. Apart from visiting our stores, you can also visit this website to order your desirable fuel and lube trucks and we will deliver it to you at your inconvenience. The prices of our fuel and lube trucks are also fair considering their high quality, speed and efficiency.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are an important part of the environment. This is because they facilitate the cleaning process within the community. Most of these trucks are owned by the state authorities and private companies. If you are looking for a company to offer you dumping services, you can click here and get more information. However, if you are looking for a dump truck for hire, it is important to find out the different types of models available. You can go online and get more information regarding some of the common models of dump trucks.

In essence, the type of the trash that you would like to get rid off also varies. This means that there are different types of dump trucks for various kinds of trash. As such it is important to make proper consultations before hiring a dump truck. This will enable you to make an informed choice regarding the type of truck you are going to get. You can visit this website and learn about some of the types of trucks and their various specifications regarding the nature of trash they dump.

Legal considerations are necessary before hiring a dump truck. It is important to find out some of the legal regulations regarding dumping within your location. If you are not sure about this information, you can visit this website and get a clear insight into some of the regulations associated with dumping. This will ensure that you do to not find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Since most of the private companies have differing pricing systems, you may run into the challenges of hiring the right truck. In order to avoid this, you can go online and visit this website in order to establish the standard pricing rates of a dump truck. In addition, you will get to know some of the factors to consider before hiring a dump truck.

Service Trucks

Service trucks are an essential element for any outdoor operation. This is because they ensure that work runs smoothly. Getting the right service for a given job can be a challenging task. However, this can be lessened with a right set of information. You can click here to find out some of the common roles and tasks that service trucks can assist you in.

Because there are different types of service trucks in the market, people often get confused regarding the right type of truck to consider. You can visit this website for more information regarding various types of service trucks. This information will place you in a better position when making that decision of the right truck.

Owning a service truck is a major investment. This is because service trucks are versatile vehicles that can offer a wide range of services. Due to this, you need to get the right information regarding some of the best models of service trucks in the market. You can simply go online and get information regarding the nature of different models in the market. In addition, if you visit this website, you will get details on some of the factors that you need to consider when you are looking for that service trucks.

Just like any other vehicle, service trucks require high levels of maintenance in order to provide efficient services. There are a number of companies that provider these services. You can click here and get in touch with some of the services that offer a number of maintenance services. These companies are reputable when it comes to providing genuine parts for your truck.

Before making that decision, ensure that you take time to make the right considerations. You can visit this website and learn about some of the legal considerations that you should know when it comes to offering service truck services.


The Attraction of Bucket Trucks

Bucket trucks are basically vehicles with crane arms and enclosed bucket like platforms attached to them. Sometimes called cherry pickers, bucket trucks are most commonly utilized to reach power lines by electrical personnel and will offer a litany of benefits, these including the following:

  • Bucket trucks are primary purposed to provide elevation; the crane arm they are equipped with is designed to raise the bucket to greater heights, with the bucket typically housing an individual intent upon executing some task at higher places. Bucket trucks are not uncommon in emergency situations.
  • Bucket trucks, despite the precarious nature of their purpose, promise safety; with waist high walls capable of securing an adult male, the bucket also provides handholds and safety lines, which inject stability into one’s operations.
  • Bucket trucks are pretty easy to operate, despite common assumptions; the vehicles utilize two simple control mechanisms, present both in the cab of the truck and in the basket, allowing individuals to raise and lower themselves as required.
  • Bucket trucks, besides providing a means of reaching elevated targets, also avail storage areas for equipment, making them that much more convenient to utilize.


It is true that bucket trucks provide a wide variety of advantages, especially in the construction and electrical fields; after all, there are situations where ladders are simply not optimal.

That being said, bucket trucks can prove to be dangerous if not utilized properly, and it is important to take the proper considerations into account to prevent disasters.

Most common among those risks involved with bucket trucks is the possibility of the truck tipping over; after all raising the bucket will bring about a change in the center of gravity, which makes falling a real issue.

This problem is often countered by simply making certain that the weight limit isn’t exceeded; one can often recognize the signs of danger, especially when the truck begins to shift with the raising of the bucket.

It is also important to avoid raising the bucket in strong winds. Visit our friends at Central Truck Sales to learn more about bucket trucks or to purchase one for your company!

Buying a Used Service Truck

A service truck is sort of a mini truck with with 2-4 seats in the front and the rest of the vehicle is made into many types of variants that include cable reel, cranes, pick up truck or digger. There are many ways service trucks are used as bucket/boom derrick, landscaping truck, mechanics truck etc. Based on their application service trucks can be divided into three basic types light, medium and heavy duty trucks.

They are also classified according to numerical classes where 1-3 refer to light duty trucks, 4-6 to medium duty truck and 7-8 to heavy duty trucks. These trucks can also be classified based on the fuel they use popular varieties include diesel and gasoline but other varieties are also available such as hybrid, flex fuel, bio diesel and natural gas. From 4×2 to 8×4 all types of trucks are available online. Go online to look for your truck type.

Buying a used service truck is very easy these days one can easily get a truck by just applying online. You can find almost all types of used service trucks from all sorts of truck brands. according to your need you can pick from any of the US brands like Chevrolet, Ford or even go for international brands. Click here to get to one such online store that not only provides various used service trucks but also provides spares, repairs, insurance and finance for your service truck.

Tips to keep in mind before buying a used service truck:

If this is your first service truck and you don’t want to end up with a junk truck then visit this website to know all you need to know about a service truck and its specifications.

I will highlight some of the key points that you need to know before you buy any used truck.

Do remember to check the distance that the vehicle has traveled throughout its entire run.

Year of make :
You must always know when the vehicle was manufactured and when the seller purchased it. Along with that you must also know for sure whether the seller had purchased it in the new condition or used condition.

Always be sure about the condition of the truck you are buying.

Click here to visit one online store that is customer friendly and will help you buy the best truck for your need.

Great Vacuum Truck Sales

Vacuum trucks comes in handy to handle several important tasks which has great value of our daily lives, you have looked for a good quality vacuum truck with advanced functionality to get rid of industrial wastes, or for sewers cleaning and any other task. Vacuum cleaning trucks comes in various shapes and sizes; this depends on the purpose you want to use the truck for. There are a number of specialized automotive companies where you can find a suitable vacuum truck sales. Click the link here for more information about a reliable listed sale.

Industrial services:

It’s a daunting task to look for a vacuum truck for industrial use in just started ventured, the high costs of such truck may not be easily given. To acquire such a truck for just a start-up can be seriously challenging, but you need not to worry because a solution can be found. Contact the experts who can arrange for you to buy one cheaply, visit this website for more information.

Appropriate choice:

The main task of a vacuum truck is to extract liquids like industrial wastes, solid wastes from various locations, sewerage extracting and all waste related materials. The function includes disposal of such extractions to the right place in a timely fashion. Disposing of any waste products should also be done following industrial and environmental acts. This calls for the choice of the right truck equipped appropriately. For you to get the truck for your work you need the experts, go to this link for direction.


It’s advisable to get a truck which has the right engine capacity which befits your volume of work; heavy industrial extraction services needs a truck with an engine capacity of 450 hp or more. A good engine capacity truck will manage the work with efficiency; such engine also has fuel economy and overall ratings. You can get this at a reasonable rate fast in vacuum truck sales.

Other specific things to look on are the pump system which needs to be well-selected, the truck cabin itself is also worth choosing right, and you need expert advice to get everything running smooth for you. Click the link and get all the information here.


Reliable Dump Trucks Services!

It is essential for all properties, whether residential or commercial, to adequately and safely dispose of rubbish or built up junk, which can often come from redecorating or the building of an extension. To remove the junk it is essential that it is done by trained people who are equipped to remove it safely to adequate location. This ensures that the junk can be sorted according to type, and be recycled. The recycling of such things as plastic and metals, assists in protecting the environment, and is therefore crucial in any dumping process. Dump trucks are currently available at competitive cost for anyone wanting to clear their property of waste.

This is a first class service, with trucks that are specially suited to dump any waste. As a priority the trucks are always delivered on time, Clients can rest assured that their property will be cleared within the scheduled time as agreed, read more online. Furthermore, The drivers are trained and qualified to properly operate the dump trucks, so as to dispose of all rubbish correctly. The trucks all comes with workers who are able to load the trucks. They know how to safely handle and separate the things that are to be recycled, whether glass, metals, or plastic.

Their years of experience in operating dumper trucks, has massed them a huge customer base from which they have received positive feedback. Their overall priority is in providing total satisfaction for all their customers, as a result, they offer free quotes and a special discount to those customers who accepts the first quote. For anyone wanting to adequately dispose of unwanted junk click here for more information. dumper truck staffs are always available for any inquiries customers may have, and can be contacted by visiting this website.

How To Maintain Bucket Trucks To Their Best Levels

Frequent maintenance of a bucket truck is very important to ensure that it is ready for work. In order to get more information on how to regularly maintain your bucket truck, visit our friends at Central Truck Sales.

It is a great utility to own a bucket truck for any business in Telecommunication, Tree Service and Electrical sectors. A private bucket truck provides confidence to your business of taking on complex and large scale responsibilities. Nevertheless, it is not enough to own a truck. Bucket trucks require regular maintenance of keeping it fit to be used for a job site.

A firm policy need to be kept in order to maintain the operation of a bucket truck as well as keep the operators out of the dangerous way. It is essential to make sure that all the vital parts of the bucket truck, for instance wipers, strobe warning lights, headlights, washers, brake lights, turn signals as well as washers are operating effectively when the vehicle is removed from the road. Certain factors like fog, darkness, snow and rain can have some negative impacts on the way the truck operates hence it is essential that the standard maintenance records are actually up-to-date.

Footing is very essential for the operators of the bucket truck. They have to take more precautions when they are getting out of an elevated platform. Outriggers should often be set when individuals are working on the elevated platform. It is not safe to drive the bucket truck when individuals are still in the truck. The truck need not to be driven very fast even if people have alighted since it is very heavy and might get out of control.

There has to be a programmed maintenance of the bucket truck which is mainly based on the duration of operation or on the odometer reading. Frequent maintenance informs the bucket operator when he or she is supposed to replace all the basic parts of the vehicle such as fluids or brake pads in order to ensure that it remains in a perfect working condition. For more information on how to maintain a bucket truck, you can visit this website.

Why Is a Lube Truck a Better Investment Than a Lube Skid?

Contractors can buy two types of lubrication equipment, that is, lube trucks and skids. Both serve same basic purpose but they differ in many respects. The foremost difference between a skid and lube truck size and the fact that a skid has to be transported on the back of another vehicle whereas a truck is a complete vehicle on its own. Which of these two should a contractor buy?

Many factors should be considered before buying lubrication equipment. When you consider the pros and cons of both lube trucks and skids, there is a strong case for investing in a truck rather than a skid. One thing contractors that should think about is mobility. It’s easier for a contractor to get a lube truck from one worksite to another because it is a vehicle that can be driven. This is unlike lube skids that must be carried atop other vehicles.

The second consideration is capacity. Lube trucks are obviously larger than lube skids hence they can carry more of the essential liquids required at a worksite. A contractor using a lube-skid is forced to transport lubricants and other fluids in separate containers and which is bound to be rather inconvenient as it might require extra vehicles. Conversely, trucks can carry a higher quantity of lubricants hence there will be no need to bring along another vehicle with extra lubricants unless the work to be done is of major proportions.

The third advantage that trucks have over skids is the fact that they can be customized to meet a contractor’s specifications. Of course the same can be done to a lube skid but to a smaller extent. A lot of functions can be built into a single lube truck thus making it self-contained. A truck can be designed to carry all the hoses required to deliver the fluids in addition to the pump for propelling the fluids. Space can be created to house spare lubricants as well as other odds and ends that are required from time to time. Indeed some people prefer to have their lubrication system derive its power from a power generator mounted on the truck rather than from its engine if that will help them to save on fuel.

Another advantage that a lube truck has over a skid is that it can have a housing built over it to protect it from the elements. The same cannot be done to a skid owing to its small size and the fact that it’s constantly being loaded on and off a vehicle for transport. Lubrication equipment should be protected from the weather to avoid contaminating the lubricants with dust and/or rain in addition to keeping the system clean.

All About Septic Trucks

Today words such as “septic” and “pump” top the list when it comes to search engines such as Google, when people are trying to look for services related to septic. For this reason, it can be said to be a lucrative business for those who do it right. There are various septic trucks that are offered in the market for all the services that are related to septic. Services such as reduction of sewer content can be performed by septic trucks. An excellent septic truck is characterized by the power of its pump; this is because some very viscous material might need to be pumped. The website such as can be very useful for anyone considering to venture in the septic industry. There are various vacuum service Trucks and Trailers to perform all manner of septic related tasks.

The capacity of septic trucks is very essential as it is key to reduction of operation costs as well as making the job done faster. Capacity can be measured in terms of gallons; the tank’s capacity can be either 2500 gallons or even 4500 gallons. To check the cost of various septic trucks with their specifications such as the power of the pumps, click here.

Maintenance of these trucks is very important as there are a lot of mechanisms that are involved during the pumping process. One of the major problems likely to fault the septic truck is when an air lock is experienced during pumping. The remedy for this is to ensure that the hoses are discharged; this and more reliable information on septic trucks maintenance can be found by visiting Another important factor that septic truck owners or companies should consider is installation of GPS systems. This does not only help to locate the position of the truck but also to curb any potential misuse of fuel and time.

Tips for Buying a Good Crane Truck

There are many things to consider before buying a crane truck. First of all, you have to understand that you are purchasing two machines in one; which are the crane that is mounted on the truck and the truck itself. The following tips below will help you when buying a crane truck. However, if you’d like more information about crane trucks please visit this website

1. Define your crane trucks needs

There are various classifications available when choosing your ultimate crane trucks. they vary according to average weight load lifted, maximum lifting capacity, travel distances, number of loads it can lift per hour, per week and per shift etc. your needs are the deciding factor. It will depend on you, how much workload you want your crane truck to handle. For different models and their respective lifting loads capacities please read online.

2. The different variations in structural components

There are different crane trucks manufactured by different companies. Each of these trucks has a distinct design and make. Therefore you really need to do your homework well so as to be able to decide what factors you need for your truck e.g. the overall crane weight for your truck of choice, its maintenance and the overall cost etc.

3. Review the mechanical components

This particular tip applies to both the truck itself and the crane. You have to consider specific mechanical components that will both fit your budget and at the same time your preferred application usage. This is very tricky since it’s usually hard to get an all-round crane truck with both of these features but they are there. Click here for more information on this.

4. Review the electrical components

Ensure that the crane truck you intend to buy has all your preferred electrical controls. These components may include rating, motor type, brakes and brake. They should be able to meet your service applications and classification. You can also visit this website to check out other components that may suit your needs.

The other important tips worth checking out, pertaining specifically to the crane of your crane truck include: motor controls, operator controls, difference between hoists that is air powered, manual and/or automatic hoists.

Flatbed Service Trucks Services and Sales

Cargo of various dimensions requires specialized transportation to ensure they arrive at the end destination intact and in a timely fashion. Well maintained flatbed service trucks are an ideal choice that is sure to cater for any kind of needs without much hassle.

Hauling needs are especially sensitive and need an all round vehicle that is able to work in many different situations. Click here to learn more about the different models and how they can satisfy current and future preferences.

New model listings offer more freedom as they designed with plenty of forethought to meet end user requirements. Powerful work engines deliver much needed traction that is able to handle a ton of work comfortably. Choosing just the right kind of fleet may well mean the difference in operation efficiency and the profit margin. Visit this website to find out more about narrowing down the best possible option for commercial enterprise.

Deeper load capacity and stretch flatbeds are much sought after features that greatly add to the inherent capabilities. Read more online on popular models that have been tried and tested in many different applications.

Favorite truck models have easily accessible spares with extensive warranty terms that simplify maintenance.

Manufacturers are able to handle custom requests and specification that make the truck more useful in its field of work. Heavy cargo presents a tasking transportation challenge. Moving loads fast and easy is what really any buyer aims for in the long term. A good investment is able to perform beyond expectation and give considerable service for many years.

Financing options enable one to access the desired truck at respectable terms and let the investment pay itself off over time. The decision on whether to opt for a new or used truck needs to be made after plenty of consideration.

Flatbed Trucks: The Heavy Duty Alpha Male of the Trucks

When you want to shift some load from a place to the other, the one thing that comes to your mind is a truck. And whatever be the kind of load, oversize or heavy, there are a few of a kind trucks that can take it all. Out of the few such are the Flatbed Trucks. To read more or get more information on the same, click here.

True to its name, it is a truck with a simple design capable of transporting loads which a closed truck cannot even think of withstanding. Be it construction equipments, or giant furniture there is nothing that can perplex this giant. To read more about what potential it has for application, click here. With a rigid frame, and a capability to be applied in almost any heavy duty field of operation the flatbed trucks are the alpha male of its breed. Click here and go online to read more.

No Trapped Grease with Vacuum Trucks!

Grease traps are employed by restaurants and hospitality businesses around the world to prevent fat, oils and other greasy substances (commonly referred to as FOGs) from entering and causing problems in the public sewer system. Local governments have made the installation of these interceptors a legal requirement for new establishments in order to better service the community. Any vacuum truck for sale today can provide further assistance by emptying and transporting the collected FOGs from the traps – a fact that is causing many businesses to invest in new trucks in order to expand their practices into grease hauling territory. Click here to learn more about vacuum trucks.

To intercept incoming FOGs on their way through the pipeline, the grease traps are installed somewhere between the pipe opening and the municipal sewer system, either on or outside the business property. The flow of greasy water is slowed down by the trapping mechanism, giving the liquid time to cool and the FOGs to coagulate, separating heavy solids that sink to the bottom of the septic tank from lighter substances, which float to the top. The remaining water passes through the trap into the sewers. Although more modern interceptors use microorganisms to break down the FOGs, allowing for less maintenance and smaller tanks to be used, the standard grease trap system in the US is the one described above. This technology requires the septic tanks to be cleared on a regular basis, ranging from every three months for big businesses to approximately once per year for smaller restaurants. This is where the need for vacuum trucks comes in.

For the purpose of cleaning and transporting FOGs, the most popular kind of vacuum truck for sale is one with a storage tank made from a light, versatile material, such as aluminum. Most businesses have several trucks with varying tank sizes, ranging from a few hundred gallons to several thousand gallons of loading capacity. It is important for the hauling company to confer with the business looking to empty their grease trap in order to perform the operation safely and thoroughly. Most local governments mandate a fine for mishandling and large spillage of FOGs, especially if they enter the sewer system. Before the vacuum truck is put to use, the tank should be emptied of the remaining water and have its walls cleaned using a power flush or pressure cleaner to ensure that all the grease is collected in one place. Once the grease is collected it can be extracted using the truck’s vacuum hose. Dense clusters can generally be removed using moderate suction, though stronger suction may be required to remove thinner layers.

With the grease trap thoroughly emptied, and the extracted FOGs stored safely in the septic tank of the truck, the restaurant proprietors can safely return to business as the waste is transported away. The regular nature of the procedure can provide hauling companies with many ongoing partnerships with restaurants and other businesses requiring the use of a FOG interceptor, and finding a suitable vacuum truck for sale is the first step for a growing company to expand into the hauling industry.

Great Information About Service Trucks

Service Truck International also abbreviated as STI are worldwide famous manufacturers of the fabulous Eagle Pro Crane, offering of service and experts in lube field types of service vehicles. All customers are to be sure of durability, quality and detail when it comes to every Eagle Pro body since they are physically handcrafted. High attention levels are always observed throughout these processes. Normally, they offer bodies that fit up to eleven thousand GVW, double rear wheels and a huge chassis.

To make fieldwork service a success, eagle pro bodies are offered in a variety of configuration and sizes to meet with all requirements. They offer a long list of some excellent standard features that entail All types of galvanic steel types in construction, some single panel doors, steel chip guards that are stainless, steel door hinges also stainless, exterior fasteners and some door checks. They also have three point door locks that have polished stainless door handles made of steel.

Lastly yet important is a PPG delfleet type of polyurethane paint and a full undercoating. Eagle pro bodies are determined to give its customers the highest level of value that cannot be equaled to anything else short of excellence.

Service Truck International, since 1985, embraced it to be their culture in designing of highest quality service truck bodies. It has a wholly type of organization owned by a division of Sioux Automation. It’s known to be located in Sioux Centre. They are widely known for manufacturing under the management of Tiger Crane as their brand name. Not only do they design telescopic service trucks but also deal in first class eagle pro bodies types. STI carry out marketing of products by means of both distributor and direct channels. They are updated in technology hence are focused on impressing their customers ranging from gas and oil industry, agricultural equipment, road construction, federal and state governments. Click here if you are looking for service trucks.

Find Success With Online Heavy Equipment Auctions!

Disposing used but still good condition construction vehicles online has become one of the fast growing trading in the internet over the past several years. Most items can easily find it ways to the right prospects as this type of market has a broader reach of potential buyers who are waiting to bid for new goods available. However, in order to find success with this type of heavy equipment auctions it is important for sellers to remember some of these helpful points illustrated below:

Know the Format

There are two available formats to choose from: internet-only and combination. The most common example of internet-only format is “e-bay”. Typically, items are sold through the traders’ website with detailed description, images and other important information. Buyers then can place his bid within the specified time frame and will get and pay the goods when declared a winner. One big advantage regarding this format is that seller will not incur cost for transporting the vehicle to the auction house.

On the other hand is an increasingly popular format which is the combination of traditional live on-site and live web streaming heavy equipment auctions. This means that all the items are set up at the location and at the same time they are broadcast online. So prospect and potential buyers can register and qualify to bid even on his desk computer. This type of format provides impulse and excitement as there is a wide expanse of both on-site and online buyers.

Make Good Presentation

Good presentation always conveys prospects. For any heavy equipment auctions online, searchers always refer to pictures or video of the vehicle as they wanted to make sure that they are bidding the right type of equipment. It will leverage sales if owner gave detailed and clean presentations. It is recommended to fix those small things and not hide those flaws as this will damage the future sales credibility. For non-live auctions, it is recommended to posts as many pictures as possible to show the entire vehicle.

No-reserve Policy

This particular web selling policy is growing in popularity offering owners either risk or reward. The method can execute gain when fair market value is achieved, but highly risky as the sales price can dramatically vary every day. By not setting the price, the owner should be prepared to sell the goods less than that he expected.

Research Market Trends

Prior to enlisting, it is important for owners to research the market trends. One of the most common pitfalls of owners is that they only research for equipment being sold, and then post their items with it. In order to achieve a good ballpark prediction, it is important to research the past sales of that particular line of vehicle as this will give a good clue of the best timing that the item is going to sell.

Finding Reputable Services

There are gazillions of online dealers nowadays and it is easier to get trap with someone who is not a good player in the market. It is important that owners should do his homework in finding the reputable heavy equipment auction service. Find a dealer that will satisfy your comfort level and then try to understand their terms and conditions. It is also helpful to check the store’s reputation, experience and try to dig down their record in the market.

Finally, finding success with heavy equipment auctions requires owners to do some thorough thinking and getting familiar with the online market. By placing those machineries in good traders, it will be easier to convert those assets into cash by which can be used for investing to other business opportunities.

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Multi Tasking Vacuum Trucks

Most people don’t think a lot about vacuum trucks, but here at Brooklynn Freightliner we do! We like to keep up with our friends at Vacuum Truck Sales. If you need to purchase a great truck check them out at

A vacuum truck is really a complex however quite economical answer for transporting waste, sludge, as well as other material. For a few years, there’s been a growing need for such a suctioning device. Taking a look at a number of major companies that happen to be making use of this enormous transport device might help display the usefulness of this particular device.

Looking after a septic structure is certainly important in maintaining a normal amount of efficiency. When a tank problem should arise, it could have been a result of fluids back-up or possibly a slow down inside the pipe lines. Regardless of the reason for the breakdown, there are particular things which a home-owner can do to solve this problem; even so, the procedure is rather messy and requires a little knowledge of how the system works. By making use of a septic removal specialist, a homeowner can request their tank for being pumped employing a vacuum truck to eliminate excessive debris which will effectively extend the service use of the tank.

Right after a huge thunderstorm or right after a natural disaster for example intense rainfall, this large truck can be seen working water out of sewers. At this time, there are two factors that needs to be taken into account: strength and capability. Even though power is critical in the velocity of clearing fluids out of the sewage lines and pipes, capacity is also necessary as the tank ought to be sufficient enough to keep copious amounts of fluid for a short time.

Natural oil products need to be extracted more effectively. Nonetheless, occasionally they break down because of the tough nature from the work being carried out. Due to regular demand for the vehicle and also for the requirement for continuous oil extraction, as opposed to waiting for the repair of the oil rig to get accomplished, a vacuum truck can be used to do the oil removal. The vehicle might not be as successful as when compared with an oil exploration models, this process does allow a company to create a constant production of oil till the first apparatus is repaired to the full functionality.

Whatever applications may be required from cleaning to saving, the strength of a vacuum truck will be remarkable. The versatility of this device improves its capacity to do many jobs correctly, productively and easily!

Cleaning Septic Trucks is a crucial Necessity!

For those people who work with septic trucks and are usually involved in their day-to-day procedure, it is essential to know and understand that your device really should be constantly maintained to accomplish its projects easily and properly.Our friends at Septic Truck Sales know a lot of how to clean septic trucks, check them out!

Even though this scenario is unusual or looks as if it impossible to happen, it will be possible for any septic vehicle to stop operating in the course of a task. This could take place should the equipment is improperly handled on a regular basis.

It is critical that inside of septic trucks will be cleaned up right after off loading. Solid materials remaining in the floor won’t get harder to clear out, it will start to take container space which might affect the capacity to entirely push out a septic system. If it is noticed that a truck tank has been filling to volume and storing a lesser amount of pumped material, it is a good indication that you’ve got a level of debris at the base that must be appropriately cleared.

The inside is dispersed with water plus disinfectants anywhere relevant, eliminating any debris on the bottom. If there’s debris that may be tricky to get rid of, a tool referred to as a vibrator can be placed on vibrate the tank, loosening the inside levels of solid materials.

The process of cleaning up a septic tank takes a skilled operator.. After this operation is complete, the waste products is left at an accredited junk water facility per the laws of the Epa.

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How Vacuum Trucks Help Unearth the Ground

Among the many complications experienced in the phone, electrical, water, and gasoline markets may be the subterranean excavating process for the installation of poles, piping, wires and also other such energy system components. This creates fiascos to the movement of traffic, the generating of abnormal racket, hassle that repairs are required, and issues in keeping existing construction. This issue just seems to grow when actually everything needs to be done can be a a little bit of digging by using an advanced machine.

Digging in the earth is usually very labor-intensive as well as a long procedure; being able to use an attachment to an already-existing vehicle would definitely certainly be a great improvement. With the ongoing continuing development of the vacuum truck, its solutions may then be used for these type of precise digging job as well as all kinds of other day-to-day routines including suctioning.

This machine is not hard to put together and, together with the aid of contemporary pneumatically-driven tools in addition to the truck, will be able to quickly dig with no hazard of destroying the sub-surface utility products. It works with a strong water jet and vacuum system having a suction pipe to break up the soil and remove loosened material through the ground. This sort of unearthing strategy is the simplest way to properly find subterranean energy products and prevent unintended harm to buried resources.

Usually, there are two sorts of excavation processes, hydro or pressure. Generally speaking, these operations use either water jets to break up and release soil and vacuum the effect into the tank. The procedure starts simply by using a condensed air lance to crush or breakup the soil as opposed to by using a standard pick and shovel. When the dirt has been loosened, the earth that has been dug up is going to be suctioned and taken out with the suction tube and in the vacuum truck system. The effect could be more exact and correct holes when compared to a mechanical excavator for instance like backhoe or even more laborious process of manual excavation.

Practically every day, companies by a variety of municipalities across the U . S . excavate the sub-surface of this earth to put in underground facilities and to identify active piping lines, telephone, and electric underground lines for maintenance and repair. This procedure was once tiresome, time-consuming, and risky for a lot of causes. To solve these issues, excavation with the use of a vacuum truck was made and has shown to be safer and faster than the former manual digging methods! We get a lot a great info from our sponsors at Vacuum Truck Sales! If you are looking for a truck to buy, or need more information check those guys out.

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Freightliner Cascadia 113 Added to Fleets

The Freightliner Cascadia 113 is a natural gas powered tractor that is being tested in Texas. These tractors will be evaluated for performance and possibly ship to other fleets.

Have you driven a natural gas powered tractor or other utility truck? Did you think it performed any better or worse than conventional trucks?

I bet our sponsors, Septic Trucks, have seen these trucks before

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